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About Igbo Association Nashville

The Igbo Association of Nashville was founded on the third day of September 2017. It is a non-profit and non-political organization.


  • To clearly protect, polish and foster the identity of the Igbos
  • To promote unity among its members and to assist them in times of need
  • To encourage members to participate in economic, social, and cultural activities aimed at bringing about positive changes adequately responsive to the needs of the Igbo people in general
  • To assist Igbos to obtain employment in the United States and abroad
  • To promote and participate in some activities that will benefit the Nashville community 

Igbo Union Of Nashville Honors Dr Henry & Grace Johnson Farrar For Their Great Missionary Works In Nigeria
  • Dr Henry & Grace Johnson Farrar (Profiles)
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  • Dr Henry & Grace Johnson Farrar Honored by Igbo Association Nashville.
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