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Early History of Nigerian Christian Hospital By Bill Nicks, Posted: 7/31/2017
Wendell Broom and I built a house at Ukpom while teaching there.When it was finished in 2015, the James Finneys moved in with us that year. Gerry and I moved in early 2016 to Iboland and lived in the D.O. Rest House that the D.O. in Aba gave us.We started building our house on property we leased from Chief Ebere (Ntigha Onicha Ngwa), the present school property. James Finney and I taught together after selecting 40 students and brought three first year graduates from Ukpom who graduated with us after their second year.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ND’IGBO, Posted: 3/3/2017
Nd’Igbo live in the Southeastern region of Nigeria between the majestic river Niger and Cross Rivers, with the Ibibio, Ijo, Igala, Idoma, and Edo as their neighbors.The ancient settlement at Igbo-Ukwu in eastern Nigeria was an outpost for West African's long-distance trade routes, part of which was the Trans-Saharan trade routes. The main items traded were gold, salt, cowries (the major unit of currency), weapons, expensive cloths, pepper, ivory, kola nuts, and leather goods. Although most history books about Nd’Igbo were written in the last one hundred years, the history of Nd’Igbo is estimated to go back several thousands of years. This view is supported by the fact that Europeans began to visit the Delta of Nigeria towards the end of the fifteenth century.

Igbo Union Of Nashville Honors Dr Henry & Grace Johnson Farrar For Their Great Missionary Works In Nigeria
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  • Dr Henry & Grace Johnson Farrar Honored by Igbo Association Nashville.
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